Additional Restrictions Grant (Discretionary Grant) - February 2022

About this grant application form.

This application form is provided to capture the information required by the council to verify and make payment of the grant to your business.

To apply for this grant you will need:

Your business rates account reference which can be found on your business rates bill 2021/2022 (if you are liable for Business Rates)

Your Company Registration Number (CRN) if applicable

Your VAT Registration Number if applicable

You may have previously received business grants, however, we require you to make a fresh application for this additional restrictions grant. Please do not quote any previous reference numbers when applying.

You will also need to provide your business bank statements covering the whole of December 2021 and January 2022.

You will have the facility to submit the bank statements at the end of the application process. You will need to provide answers to all of the questions on the on-line application. If you fail to do this the application will be rejected.

What happens next?

All applications will be validated and a decision made as to whether the business is eligible for a grant and how much is payable. Payment will be made by BACS to the nominated bank account after the payment has been approved.

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